Injury Types


If pain is interfering with your day-to-day life and preventing you from engaging in the activities you love, it’s time to come see us. If you suffer from chronic pain, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of therapies to help you cope with chronic conditions that cause you everyday pain. Our skilled staff will guide you along a specially tailored treatment plan to ensure you are able to live as pain free as possible.

Muscle Spasms

Suffering from painful muscle spasms or cramps? We have what it takes to get you back on your feet. Our team of licensed professionals will set you on the path of recovery. Our goal is to get you back to your daily life free of pain.


Headaches are one of the biggest inconveniences in everyday life. Whether they are minor or severe, we can help you manage your headache pain and bring you relief. Many headaches are caused by tightness in neck muscles or misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. Our doctor and therapists will customize a treatment plan for you to help you enjoy life without headaches


Whether you were just involved in a car accident, or you injured yourself rocking out at a concert, whiplash can be a serious source of pain. Whiplash happens when a person’s head and neck snap forward and backward quickly. This puts a significant amount of strain on the neck, which can cause damage to the muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves, and joints. Treatment at Osteon Injury Center utilizes several methods to aid in the recovery process such as manual manipulation, ultrasound therapy, guided stretching, and manual adjustments. We’ll help you find long-term relief to your neck pain.


One of the most common conditions affecting Americans, Sciatica can be debilitating. We offer specialized treatments to manage sciatic pain and increase your range of motion. Our staff are well trained to manipulate the muscles that often affect sciatic pain. Our treatment plans offer relief to your pain, as well as techniques you can use at home to help manage pain and flare-ups